A new start

In June 2013, JMei took over leadership of the company IRC. With innovative ideas, a new management and a dynamic team, we are committed to developing our products and to giving our customers the greatest satisfaction.

Welcome to the world of JMei industrial radio remote controls (Made in Belgium)

With 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of radio remote controls, and the only manufacturer of these in Belgium, the company JMei offers tailor-made solutions for all its customers. Since the start, JMei has decided to develop high-quality, reliable and robust products, suitable for all types of industrial environments, even the most difficult.

A professional and dynamic team

JMei, made up of a young, skilled team, offers a rapid and custom-designed service. All our products are entirely designed and manufactured in our own workshop. We only use high-quality materials for optimum use at a high level of security. Furthermore, our company policy is to keep prices attractive, which puts us amongst the European leaders in the market for radio remote controls.

Rapid, top-of-the-range service

The way our team is organised enables us to supply any device custom-built for an unbeatable price. Our turnaround time is short: we can design and produce a radio quickly that meets all your needs.
All of our equipment meet the latest safety standards, which makes their use very safe.

Customise production of your orders

Thanks to our wide range of radio remote controls, you can find the solution best suited to your needs:

We are active in the following application areas:

JMei, your partner in radio-electric transmissions

We always listen to our customers and give the highest priority to creation and innovation in the custom-designed solutions that we offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, it's always a pleasure for us to talk about our passion!