Radio télécommande Infra-Rouge

télécommande pour le levage

Télécommande mixte: associe la technologie IR et HF.
Le solution Haute-Fréquence permet la commande de l'application à distance de manière confortable et sécuritaire.
La solution Infra-Rouge permet un démarrage sécurisé ainsi qu'un zonage précis, n'autorisant la commande de certaine fonctions délicates qu'après mise en sécurité totale de l'opérateur.

Télécommande bidirectionnelle pour treuils maritimes

télécommande pour le levage

Double radiocommande maritime avec retour d'infos.
Cette télécommande totalement étanche (IP67) a été développée spécifiquement pour la commande de treuils sur bateaux de dragage.
L'émetteur est divisé en 2 télécommandes (winch1 et 2) totalement distinctes.
Le récepteur utilise différents protocoles de communication afin d'accroître au maximum la sécurité du transfert des informations.

Double speed radio remote control - JMei S-LYT

Double speed radio remote control

Ultralight industrial radio remote control suitable for lifting applications.
This "plug and play" remote control allows numerous configurations (third gear, double hoist, tandem function, master-slave, pitch and catch: sending a travelling crane from one transmitter and reception using another, etc.).

Forestry control – Remote control for a winch

Remote control for a winch

Remote control for forestry winch.
This forestry and agricultural wireless remote control made of aluminium combines lightness and robustness.
Highly secure with its military-quality emergency stop, it enables two winches to be controlled independently.
Additional functions enable the engine to be turned on remotely, the engine speed to be adjusted and an audible warning (horn) to be activated.

Safeball remote control – "Dead man" radio remote control

Dead man radio remote control

Radio remote control with Safeball system.
The Safeball safety remote control includes an ergonomic redundant safety ball (two push buttons).
This two-handed control easily finds its place among "dead man" safety systems.
The radio remote control system will be active when the two Safeball switches are activated.
This system can be coupled with all the radio-controlled remote control models from the JMei range.

Remote control with radio repeater (and antenna network)

Remote control with radio repeater

Network coverage.
The network coverage enables the remote control of applications from a very restricted area on the site (in terms of radio transmission: grain silos, wineries, sellers, tunnels, etc.).
This solution is created by locating antennas (active or passive) connected to each other by a fieldbus.
Radio control is therefore possible at any place in the factory, without causing an interruption to HF transmission.
An additional repeater module enables radio exchanges from the most confined places.

Repeater module.
This module copies all of the HF information transparently, enabling transmission distance to be doubled.
A battery power supply (optional) enables flexible use and positioning of the repeater.
Its expansion in multi-frequency mode enables the initial transmission speed of the system to be retained.
Use in uni-/bi-directional mode.

Remote control for shunter (machines on rails)

Remote control for shunter

Remote control with combiner specially developed for a shunter remote control.
The uniaxial switch is made up of fixed positions (braking system) and springback positions (acceleration).
Added to the shunter control, an inclinometer transmission gives a display in the remote control room when the transmitter (and therefore the operator) is sloping at too great an angle.

Remote control with barcode reader

Remote control with barcode reader

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Remote control with built-in barcode reader.
This control system means increased staff safety (the obligation to scan before using the radio remote control takes account when the operator is at a known place for the process).
Radio remote control also useful in complex logistics systems.

Remote control for conveyor belts

Remote control for conveyor belts

Multi-receiver radio remote control.
This remote control has been produced for controlling 8 different motors.
The transmitter sends commands to 1 of the 8 receivers, selected using a rotary switch.
Acceptance of the selection is displayed on a 7-segment display, using bi-directional communication in order to increase safety.

Pocket remote control

ultra-compact remote control

Industrial pocket radio remote control.
This ultra-compact remote control is designed for simple control of industrial applications.
Its receiver unit with integrated functions compensates for the loss of or damage to the transmitter.

Customised analogue/CANopen remote control

Customised remote control

CANbus (CANopen) gradual radio remote control for mobile machines.
This transmitter is mainly intended for controlling three very separate functions of the application.
In order to increase safety during various handling manoeuvres, the colours on the industrial machine (different depending on movements) have been copied onto the remote control transmitter switches.

Protective guard (SAV)

Protective guard

New guard, both flexible and robust, developed by JMei.
In the event that the RCB3000 transmitter gets damaged, this solution enables rapid and effective troubleshooting, without having to change the entire front of your RCB3000 model.

Bi-directional RCB3000

Bi-directional remote control

RCB3000 produced custom-built according to the customer's .
Model with feedback on 7-segment display units: displaying weight, temperature and pressure.
Confirmations of movements (coming from the receiver unit) are indicated through LED warning lights above each switch.

RCB700 - Warzee S.A. OEM Group

Remote control of a remote unwinder

Completely customised RCB700.
Remote control of a remote unwinder (on the fork of an agricultural machine) from the machine's cab using radio frequencies.