RCB3000 radio remote control

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Control-panel-type high-performance secure transmitter designed to control any industrial machinery.

The RCB3000 is a freely configurable and high-quality wireless remote control.
Its design and the endless configuration possibilities allow all possibilities for machine control.

Ultra-compact, light and very robust housing, made of reinforced plastic for industrial use, very ergonomic housing, specially adapted for aggressive environments.

Emergency stop mushroom button, to ensure maximum safety.


  • 2 or 3 x 2-axis switches.
  • Up to 7 single axis switches.
  • Spring-back or fixed-position selector switches.
  • Standard push-button or with warning lights.
  • Binary functions up to 6 speeds by joystick.
  • Proportional analogue functions.
  • Customisable front panel and inscription.
  • Military quality mushroom emergency stop button.
  • Interchangeable NiMH battery.
  • Optional diagnostics and feedback LED.
  • Optional LCD graphics screen.
  • Exclusive system for changes of address, frequency, configuration through the buttons enabling rapid and secure interchangeability of the transmitters (one single reserve transmitter for several pieces of equipment).


  • Transmission in bi-directional mode.
  • LED diagnostics and feedback.
  • 7-Segment display, alphanumeric or colour graphic.
  • Identification key (rapid replacement of a damaged transmitter).
  • Master/slave Tandem system.
  • TCA27 secure start.
  • RECB or RCB7000-type receiver unit, can be connected via Profibus, Ethernet, Canbus, Profitnet or other fieldbus.
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  • Nylon protective cover.
  • Charger with JMei-designed microprocessor
  • Interchangeable NiMH battery.
  • Fixed power supply (12/24 V DC).
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  • Lifting equipment (travelling crane, tower crane, gantry).
  • Handling equipment.
  • Quarry (crusher, rock breaker, conveyor belt).
  • All hydraulic controls (crane on lorry).
  • Mobile machinery (agricultural and forestry).
  • Civil engineering - buildings and public works.
  • Mining applications.
  • Maritime applications.

Production examples

Bi-directional RCB3000
Bi-directional RCB3000
Radio remote control with LCD display
Radio remote control with LCD display
Remote control according to specifications
Remote control according to specifications
Analogue radio remote control
Analogue radio remote control
Nylon protective cover
Nylon protective cover
Radio remote control for shunters
Radio remote control for shunters