RCB90 radio remote control

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High-performance pendant-control-type safety transmitter designed for all-or-nothing (binary) controls.

The RCB90 is a wireless remote control that has proved itself over many years. The buttons on the transmitter are two-stage and enable the corresponding relays on the receiver unit to be controlled.

Ultra-compact, light and very robust housing, made of reinforced plastic for industrial use, very ergonomic housing, specially adapted for aggressive environments.

Emergency stop mushroom button, to ensure maximum safety.

Available in 2 versions: 9-button (RCB90L) or 14-button (RCB90M).


  • Two-stage buttons.
  • 3 configurable buttons on 2- or 3-position fixed or spring-back selectors.
  • Customisable front panel and inscription.
  • Military quality mushroom emergency stop button.
  • Interchangeable NiMH battery.
  • Optional diagnostics and feedback LED.
  • Exclusive system for changes of address, frequency, configuration through the buttons enabling rapid and secure interchangeability of the transmitters (one single reserve transmitter for several pieces of equipment).


  • Transmission in bi-directional mode.
  • Display unit.
  • Identification key (rapid replacement of a damaged transmitter).
  • Master/slave Tandem system.
  • TCA27 secure start.
  • RECB or RCB7000-type receiver unit, can be connected via Profibus, Ethernet, Canbus, Profitnet or other fieldbus.
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  • Protective cover
  • Charger with JMei-designed microprocessor
  • Interchangeable NiMH battery.
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  • Travelling crane.
  • Tower crane.
  • Industrial door.
  • Pump, water jet.

Production examples

RCB90/L - 9-function pendant control
Télécommande grue
Customised radio (same colour as the travelling crane)
Télécommande pour pont roulant personnalisée
RCB90/M - 14-function pendant control
Radiocommande industrielle
High-quality emergency stop
Arrêt d'urgence télécommande
Universal industrial radio remote control
Boîte à boutons industrielle
Remote control address memory key
Clé mémoire adresse télécommande